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  • Financa’s view is that as someone reaches Senior Associate level or equivalent, they should be aspiring to master all the technical subject matter to enable them to manage their own deals. Successfully doing this is what qualifies them to step up to Associate Director (AD) / Vice President (VP) role
  • Some clients identify some ADs / VPs who could benefit from technical refreshers in respect of advanced completion mechanisms and legal topics and they are welcome in class
  • From an impact skills perspective, the curriculum is primarily aimed at Director and Managing Director / Partner level advisors, bankers and investors who are charged with billing fees and securing mandates and Financa has a strong track record of providing focussed, boutique learning programmes for this group applied to the M&A environment
  • Class sizes have ranged from 4 to 45
  • A class size of 10 – 15 is ideal to allow a more boutique feel though of course there are logistical / practical considerations if you are asking international staff to attend
  • Yes
  • The entire Financa curriculum can be made available on demand either post the delivery of face to face courses, or as a self-study option as the primary delivery method. This option allows training to be scaled if you are a global network
  • We also provide live seminars either as the primary delivery method or to support other training formats such as face to face and self-study
  • Learners are always welcome to diarise 1:1 time post class online for follow ups
  • Highly engaging and interactive with lots of enthusiasm. A slide will never just be read. Lots of questions will be asked to create a vibrant environment which encourages debate
  • James is a European Mentoring and Coaching Council accredited Coach Practitioner which informs the style
  • Ideally there would be some distinction, and Analyst 1s should be split from Associate 3s or equivalent
  • In general as long as there are not large disparities in experience levels, a year or so apart is fine
  • Yes. James travels to Europe multiple times per year and is able to travel further afield
  • The Financa curriculum is fully customisable and can be mixed and matched as appropriate to ensure the relevance of every training minute. We never provide standardised courses. We have a detailed excel based curriculum which can be used to create the exact course you are looking for