M&A advisors

Understand who you have in the room earlier and develop trust through flexing delivery style and content to suit your potential client. The difference between one firm and another is usually you.

Win more fees
PE Investors

Navigate the balance between relationship building and buy side due diligence. Develop deeper, more collaborative relationships so you can start working together on the business plan before anyone else.

Secure more mandates
Management teams

Management teams are value drivers if they make their buyer meetings count. Simple key selling messages backed by data and held together by a well presented story, delivered by a joined up team, drives value.

Achieve a higher Enterprise Value

Relationship building and impact training for M&A

Financa is a specialist in Lumina personality portraits applied using a unique M&A lens

EMCC accredited with Diploma in Transformation Coaching


Personality insights

Learn about your own natural style and adapt it for who you have in the room to connect better


Theory seminars

Get to grips with a broad range of models and theory to take impact to the next level


Role plays

Practice using real business case studies in teams with some curve balls added in for fun

We interview private equity backed CEOs and owner managers who have gone through transactions, and ask them what they value in an investor and an advisor.

We get the uncensored version which we share with you so you know what makes them tick.

Delivered impact courses

Private equity relationship building
Selling growth capital
Cold calling and origination
Client relationship building