Impact skill proficiency accounts for the difference between being promoted or not, or winning an opportunity or not…it’s too important not to think about…

We provide learning with relevance and punch to deal with the previously unaddressed modern day realities your early year recruits face when landing into high performance environments for the first time. When people are naturally quick to judge, the ability to capitalise on micro-differentiator opportunities goes far in explaining differences in your staff’s outcomes.

We designed and delivered transformational Impact training to supercharge the skills, habits and behaviours fundamental to success for a large cohort of graduate consultants at a large, well known professional services firm.

At another similar firm, we designed and delivered granular relationship building training so new advisory recruits delivered the right impression to new prospects. 

Learners involved said it was “some of the best training content and delivery that I’ve had at the firm so far” and “made me think about areas I’d never considered before”.

The possibilities are endless and we bespoke create based on your objectives.

Business Impact

We help advisors and investors enhance their ability to connect with business owners, entrepreneurs and intermediaries to get their message across and make an impact so you win more. 

At a private equity firm, we designed and delivered an Impact learning product which applied a series of sales and relationship building models to the private equity firm’s unique product and environment. 

For this learning project, learners involved said “I think this training course should be rolled out across the company to most roles”. 

In terms of business impact when we provide senior development impact training, we only care about one thing, which is increasing the conversion and win rate of your senior hires over time to increase your fees and opportunities. 

Client Feedback

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James was fantastic, and it was clear his background within mid-market corporate finance was invaluable

Very good use of my time, would recommend this to every consultant

James suggested ideas / techniques that I hadn’t previously thought of that I really saw the value of using in my everyday work

Feel more hopeful and satisfied in my role

Overall really enjoyed the session, it was really beneficial and some of the best training content and delivery that I’ve had at the firm so far.

Really enjoyed the sessions. Really down to earth and useful. The opposite of the normal corporate training that is trying too hard to be trendy and sticking to the theoretical ideal of how we ‘should’ work