M&A Prep Pack

This Prep Pack assumes no M&A experience and is ideal for those who have recently qualified as chartered accountants (e.g. in Audit, Tax, etc.) and are looking to explore their career options in M&A and also undergraduates with a finance background.

Within the course is 5.5 hours of end to end video content which is to the point and succinct resulting in a high return on time invested. Content is highly relevant, practical and usable.

There are 3 downloadable model templates including 1) annual operating model 2) monthly operating model 3) annual LBO model.

This is ideal preparation for those who are about to embark on the M&A interview process and who may be expected to write rapid paper models and answer technical questions to pass assessment tests.

This is available to individuals, groups and teams with flexible pricing.

To enquire and purchase email james.wolfe@financa.co.uk

M&A syllabus

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– middle market overview
– middle market M&A rationale
– key M&A stakeholders (advisors, private equity, debt, etc.)
– corporate finance process
– middle market businesses
– fees and marketing
– EV to Equity bridge and illustrative PE structure

– model download
– revenue and cost of sales
– overheads down to EBITDA
– calculate depreciation to finish off the P&L
– forecast working capital
– cash flow statement
– ensuring the model balances

– model download
– phasing new customer wins on a monthly basis
– dynamic headcount cost build
– revenue bridge chart
– use of corkscrew / T account approach for forecast working capital
– traditional cash flow and direct receipts and payments method
– ensuring the model balances

– private equity players
– cheque size, debt and rollover
– relationship between advisors and private equity
– step by step private equity structuring example
– financial instruments including sweet equity, loan notes and preference shares
– what happens between entry and exit
– downloadable template

– model download
– cash out and rollover
– sources and uses
– newco structure
– business plan and debt schedule
– money multiples and IRR
– sensitivities


Bank of America applicant: “I got it!!! Thank you so much – it definitely would not have been possible without your help.”

ING applicant: “I just wanted to let you know I was successful in getting the role with ING. Thanks for the advice… I could not have done it without you.”

Independent learner: “The M&A Prep Pack was fantastic. It was all encompassing and digestible in terms of structure and content. The module structure allows for the helpful breakup of learning, whilst providing scope for detailed coverage within each aspect of the models covered. James’s teaching style and enthusiasm makes this course incredibly valuable for anyone wanting to learn how to create financial models in an enjoyable, engaging way.”

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